1. wolfeandpacke:

    Photograph by Dane Kyle Vaughn 

    Taken in Monreal, Germany 

    Go follow this blog. My friend is starting this rad clothing company.

  2. I took this with a single 35mm frame. No editing, no layering. Stoked on it.

  3. Summer sessions.


  4. Today at Mass, an interracial couple had their daughter baptized. Their extended families all came and hugged and smiled and loved each other and nobody cared about skin color and it was beautiful.

  5. Necessities: surfboard, climbing gear, transportation, hammock, beer.

  6. In the tiny Northern California surf town of Bolinas, there is a farm stand and art gallery that features numerous local farmers and artists. Nobody works at the stand, yet it stays open 24/7. This is because the stand relies on human goodwill in that people pay for their groceries on the honor system. After shopping, it is up to the buyer to log their items in the log book, then pay for their groceries using the deposit box. The food is all grown locally and sustainably, reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating most travel costs and allowing the crop lands to stay fertile without chemicals. The success of this farm stand provides hope for the future and proves that there are viable solutions to the economic, environmental, and ethical problems our world is facing at the moment.

  7. mini shacks

  8. Flaking the rope

  9. Bolinas

  10. Bolinas

  11. The grand canyon of Tuolumne Meadows

  12. My very old, beloved Patagonia beanie

  13. Crystal clear water in the Tuolumne River

  14. Tuolumne Meadows

  15. One of the best photos I’ve ever taken. It is the reflection of Tenaya Peak in the water of Tenaya Lake.